Fiendish Thingies - surreal art by Owen Klaas
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    Owen Klaas - artist


  Shortly after high school, Owen Klaas became extremely wealthy by inventing and trademarking the phrase, "Have a nice day."  He took advantage of his wealth to pursue his dreams and throughout his early twenties he traveled the globe playing trombone with the foremost MC Hammer tribute band in the world called Hammer Time.  The Pennysaver heralded them as, "the ultimate MC Hammer experience" and the Kansas City Gazette proclaimed, "This Band is legit!!  Too legit to quit!!  By the first note the music grabs you so hard you'll wanna reach out and touch it, but, ...u can't touch this!!"  As fate would have it, on the night of his last performance in Sri Lanka he reunited and fell in love with his former scuba instructor who was 66 at the time but didn't look a day over 62.  He married her the next day and she promptly squeezed out several children, 2 of whom he loved and stayed in contact with for at least a decade.  He then moved to Somalia and taught sign language to African Bush Babies through most of his late 20's and early 30's.  By his 40's he had squandered most of his "have a nice day" money on bad Parcheesi bets and Precious Moments figurines so he moved to a small, sleepy fishing town known as Stonington, Maine where he died alone and penniless...


  Owen Klaas is a husband, a father of three, and a self taught career artistHe is a painter, a sculptor, an illustrator, and a mural artist who has been featured on the cover of an annual art publication known as the Sand Canyon Review, as well as being featured in radio interviews, online magazines, and local news spotlights.  He is a traveling artist who has had his work featured in fine art events in Southern California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, Northern California, and Arizona.  His art has been used as album artwork, illustrations, photography sets, tattoo design, and much more.  His sculptures are unique, one of a kind pieces of art which have been commissioned for weddings, clubs, and celebrity clients.  His surreal paintings are highly symbolic and create a world that balances the line between beauty and darkness and often convey hope in a dark place.